Space MMORPG Looking for the greatest Space MMORPG? Ya, you can join the pretty 3D Space MMORPGs and spend your hard earned money, but you still find yourself wishing there was more those games? Like perhaps you are wanting to have an open world that is not set to the boundries of the game developer? If so, you have come to the right place. This Space MMORPG is unlike other games you have played, in this Browser Space Game you can create your own Alliance for your new and existing friends to join, Become a destroyer of all good or evil, Trade yourself to the top of the weapons dealers or claim a monopoly on all of the valuable resources. As you can see there is so much to do in Starwake and there are no wrong ways to play the game! Come and join the excitment and take the next step to building another world online.

How to Play!
This Space MMORPG requires no downloads, credit card, or any commitment from you. Just enter your account details and confirm your email address to begin your journey through space!

This game requires a computer connected to the internet using a web based browser.
..and you!

Starwake Roster
Game copyright 2010
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